Google Workspace ILT
Part 1 Facilitator Guide Google Workspace ILT

Project Title: Introduction to Google Workspace Instructor-Led Training

Tools used in Development: Google Slides, Google Docs

Time in Development: 15 hours

Client: Portfolio

Collaborators: Mallory Pickert

Executive Summary

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the basics of Google Workspace for employees working in a company that has used Office 365 until this point. Course participants will come away from the training with a working knowledge of Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Forms, and Classroom so that they can adequately complete their daily tasks.


The organization is making the switch from Office 365 to Google Workspace. Many employees have little or no experience using Google products at work.


This two-hour training introduces the fundamentals of these five Google apps in a hands-on manner, allowing participants a chance to interact with the tools and execute basic functions.


This course delivers useful information in an engaging manner, bestowing users with the confidence to adopt new tools in the workplace seamlessly. The course was well-received by participants and increased proficiency and productivity in the workplace according to self-reported data.

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