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Google Keep Basics

Project Title: Google Keep Basics

Tools used in Development: Rise 360

Time in Development: 1 week

Client: Portfolio

Collaborators: Mallory Pickert

Executive Summary

Google Keep is a useful tool that many employees may be unfamiliar with. This eLearning course provides brief training on the basics of the tool and gives examples of ways it can be used.


Employees may want to make short notes and be able to access them quickly, from anywhere, but aren’t sure of the best tool to use for such a task. Google Docs can take more time to open, and only one document is visible on-screen at a time.


Google Keep functions like a pin board full of sticky notes, and is easily searchable in multiple ways. This course explains the functions of Google Keep to ensure learners feel confident using the tool without losing important notes or incorrectly labeling something. This course includes an explanation of each button and tool, familiarizing the learner with the visual layout of Google Keep and the functions of each feature.


This course is quick and easy to work through, and delivers useful information so learners can avoid frustration in attempting a new productivity tool. It is effective in introducing Google Keep to unfamiliar learners, and provides information on every feature the tool offers, giving a comprehensive overview.